Tafta group companies

Chabok Tejarat

  • Chabok tejarat

    Established in 2013, Chabok Tejarat’s primary goal was to create the infrastructure for the
    Customer Club Tejarat Bank and to improve the interactions between the bank and its customers,
    Which has about the 9 million Customers today.
    Chabok Tejarat also Manages all the Support and Call Centers of Tejarat Bank including Retail and Corporate Banking call centers.
    Chabok Tejarat is also responsible for a wide range of marketing services for Banking Sector including in branch services.

    Kay Areas of Activity :

    • Customer Club services
    • Customer Call centers and Operation Support centers
    • Marketing of Banking services
    • Special support service to VIP Customers
    • Training Sevice for Banks’ Retail and Corporate Customers.
    Chabok tejarat


  • Data

    DATA was established in 2023 with the aim of developing infrastructure and analyzing and managing the Big data of Tejarat Bank and other Banks.
    DATA has a talents team expert in the fields such as Data Mining, Data security, Data Management, Big data and Artificial Intelligence(AI).
    DATA’s mission is to use latest technologies to provided tools and infrastructure for Banks with to aim of managing, analyzing and utilizing their Big Data.

    Key Areas of activities :

    • Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Data mining
    • Banking Big Data Infrastructure
    • Data Management and Governance
    • Consulting and training services
    • Artificial Intelligence for Banking sector

Tejarat Shayan

  • Tejarat shayan

    Established in 2019, Shayan Tejarat provides new platforms and solution for Corporate and Commercial Banking.
    Shayan Tejarat’s main product is its Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Platform “ Ecotom”, which is one of the Best in the Country and unique in forms of Services and Facility it prepares for Banks and its large customers to handle their supply chain payments.
    It also provides several B2B value Added services to corporate Banking sector including Factories, E-invoices and promissory Note.

    Areas of Activity:

    • All kinds of credit payment tools such as Electronic Promissory Note
    • Supply Chain Finance (SCF)
    • Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payments (EIPP).
    Tejarat shayan

Simorgh Tejarat

  • Simorgh Tejarat

    Simorgh Tejarat started its activity in 2012 with the aim of providing new banking solutions with a focus on digital channels and micropayments. It offers a variety of smart solutions in financial areas such as digital wallets, multi purpose bank cards, citizen cards and payment applications. Simorgh Tejarat designs and develops innovative products and solutions for retail Banking and Digital channels.
    Simorgh Tejarat also owns the open Banking platform of Tejarat Bank, called” ARC” which is one of the Best in the Country according to number of API’s and transaction.

    Key areas of activity:

    • Micro lending and Micro credit solutions
    • Wallets and micropayment
    • Banking and payment applications
    • Citizen and Tourist cards
    • Issues and Personalization of all type of Bank cards
    • Open banking and API’s

    Simorgh Tejarat

Techno tejarat

  • Techno tejarat

    Techno Tejarat was established in 2015 as the Specialized vehicle of Tejarat Bank to enter the innovation ecosystem. Techno Tejarat was created with the aim of investing in different fields of fintech in order to complete the value chain of Tejarat Bank.
    Given the market conditions and the nature of banking activities, Techno Tejarat intends to direct its activities to invest in technology oriented areas with a preference for FinTech and required technologies for Tejarat Bank.
    Techno Tejarat has a Venture Capital section as well as an Accelerator and Start up Studio which work together to evaluate, analyze and invest in prominent and innovative teams and startups.
    Techno Tejarat manages the interaction and cooperation with the ecosystem of innovation and startups and has made more than 10 successful investments in the field of fintech and related industries.
    As one of the leading companies in the development of fintech businesses in the country, Techno Tejarat operates in the following areas:

    • Start up studio
    • Venture Investments
    • Business services and market development for startups
    • Acceleration and growth of startups
    • Fintech Professional Innovation Centers

    Tejarat Innovation Factory is being launched as a professional innovation center, with a strategy to fully cover the fintech value chain and related services.
    This center is established with the goal of hosting startups and specialized teams in a space with an area of about the 11000 square meters provides a complete set of complementary business services, including investment, accelerator Hub, startup studio, shared and dedicated workspace, dedicated space for VCs, training and conference centers and other specialized departments. The first phase of this complex has been launched in 2022 and the second phase is being launched.

    Techno tejarat


  • Zafta

    Founded in 1985, ZAFTA is one of largest ICT Infrastructure Provides in Banking Industry in Iran.
    ZAFTA provides a wide range of solutions including infrastructure, equipment, network and security service for Banking sector.
    Also, having a network of agents and representative offices all over the country, it provides various support and maintenance services for the banks’ branches and offices.

    Areas of activity :

    • Data center services
    • Supply, support, repairs and maintenance of Hardware and Branch equipment’s
    • Network services and communication infrastructure
    • Technical support services
    • Network and Information Security services and solutions
    • Consulting and Training services


  • Irankish

    IranKish Credit Card Company(ICCC) started operating in 2003 with the mission of providing Payment and credit service.
    Due to the needs for developing electronic payment services and its significant role in comprehensive and sustainable development of the country, IranKish started its activities with issuing credit cards and providing related services to several Iranian banks.
    In 2006, the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran granted the license of Payment Service Provider (PSP) to IranKish by confirming the company’s qualificationsand activities.
    With the prospect of developing payment tools, Irankish is among the top 5 largest Payment Service Providers in Iran and has the second largest merchant networks for its POS devices.
    Currently, IranKish is providing payment and the other related services using a variety of associated systems, including buying, selling, renting, supporting ATMs and POS terminals, providing payment and exchange services to banks, financial and credit institutions according to the regulations.

    Areas of activity :

    • Development and support of various point of sales terminals (POS)
    • Development of electronic and mobile payment gateways
    • Providing a variety of credit card and payment solutions
    • Providing Supply Chain Financing Services


  • Tata

    TATA is mainly a software Development company which is established in 1994 with the aim of Analysis and Design and Development of various banking software and solutions
    TATA’s main mission is to provide core Banking and Value Added Banking and Financial solutions with latest Technologies.

    Key activity Areas :

    • Core banking solutions and infrastructure
    • Professional banking solution Integration and API Gateways
    • Banking middleware
    • Launch and Credit Management systems
    • Professional services in the field of financial applications and software