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Techno tejarat

Techno tejarat

Techno Tejarat was established in 2015 as the Specialized vehicle of Tejarat Bank to enter the innovation ecosystem. Techno Tejarat was created with the aim of investing in different fields of fintech in order to complete the value chain of Tejarat Bank.
Given the market conditions and the nature of banking activities, Techno Tejarat intends to direct its activities to invest in technology oriented areas with a preference for FinTech and required technologies for Tejarat Bank.
Techno Tejarat has a Venture Capital section as well as an Accelerator and Start up Studio which work together to evaluate, analyze and invest in prominent and innovative teams and startups.
Techno Tejarat manages the interaction and cooperation with the ecosystem of innovation and startups and has made more than 10 successful investments in the field of fintech and related industries.
As one of the leading companies in the development of fintech businesses in the country, Techno Tejarat operates in the following areas:

  • Start up studio
  • Venture Investments
  • Business services and market development for startups
  • Acceleration and growth of startups
  • Fintech Professional Innovation Centers

Tejarat Innovation Factory is being launched as a professional innovation center, with a strategy to fully cover the fintech value chain and related services.
This center is established with the goal of hosting startups and specialized teams in a space with an area of about the 11000 square meters provides a complete set of complementary business services, including investment, accelerator Hub, startup studio, shared and dedicated workspace, dedicated space for VCs, training and conference centers and other specialized departments. The first phase of this complex has been launched in 2022 and the second phase is being launched.