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The largest contract for the development and production of electric vehicle propulsion was signed in Iran

The largest contract for the development and production of electric vehicle propulsion was signed in Iran

Cooperation agreements between "Development of Technical Knowledge and Design of Electric Vehicle" and "Production of Electric Vehicle Propulsion" with the aim of design, development, supply of parts and production of electric vehicles, on Tuesday, January 29, signed by Saman Project Management and Kerman Motor Company Receipt.

According to the provisions of this contract, Kerman Motor companies and Saman Samaneh project-oriented company will participate in this project regarding the production of the first new car with an electric platform in the next 12 to 18 months.

According to the provisions of the contract for the production of electric vehicle propulsion, Saman Project Axis Company provided 37,000 battery packs and propulsion equipment including engine, gearbox, drive, charging system, etc. to Kerman Motor Company for the production of electric vehicles within 5 years. he does. It is also predicted that the electric car produced in Kerman Motor Company with electric propulsion equipment and battery pack made by Saman Project Axis Company will have a mileage of more than 250 km and a speed of 160 km / h and acceleration from zero to 100 in less than 10 seconds. In addition to the ability to return energy, this car also uses fast and slow chargers.

At the ceremony, the CEO of Saman Samaneh Project-Based Company said: "In addition to signing the contract, today the first phase of the project, namely the delivery of the Targetbook booklet, these two contracts will also be exchanged." Mohammad Hossein Refan stated: In this booklet, different benchmarks, initial designs, technical and financial goals, product development frameworks, initial specifications of parts, review and announcement of changes in the target vehicle platform are reflected.

Rafan, recalling the memorandums of understanding of Saman Sample Project Company with several automakers in our country for electrification of cars, said: This is the first executive contract in the field of electric vehicles in Iran that will be signed between Saman Saman Project Company and Kerman Motor and we hope to produce quality electric cars , Be intensively planned and executed.

The CEO of Kerman Motor Company said: "After seven months of intensive negotiations, we have reached two cooperation agreements with Saman Samaneh Project Company and we hope that the first joint electric car will be produced and offered in the next 12 months to 18 months."

Saman Firoozi, said: "Despite the distance of about 25 to 30 years from our country with developed countries in the field of combustion vehicles, but in the field of electric vehicles, our distance from other manufacturers is about two to three years and with work and effort we can achieve world quality Let's reach.

Appreciating the quality of technical knowledge available in Saman Samaneh Project Company, the joint contract between Kerman Motor and Saman Samaneh Project Company is a positive event that can be happy for the country and industry.

Furthermore, the CEO of Saman Saman Project Axis Company, while expressing satisfaction with the contract between Saman Saman Project Axis and Kerman Motor, referring to the knowledge capabilities of Saman Saman Project Axis Company in the field of industry, as well as Kerman Motor's plans and developments during its not-so-long establishment, He said: "I hope in the near future we will see the presentation of quality electric cars for public supply.

Abbas Aliabadi stated: Saman prototype project-oriented company has long followed the plan to create infrastructure for electric vehicles, and in the field of creating an electric vehicle platform, appropriate measures have been taken in Saman prototype project-oriented company.

The CEO of Saman Sample Project-Based Company said: "The production of electric vehicles will reduce the amount of environmental pollution, the amount of energy required and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels."