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Exchange of guaranteed purchase contract for 2 MW Kahak solar power plant

Exchange of guaranteed purchase contract for 2 MW Kahak solar power plant

The contract for the guaranteed purchase of electricity for the 2 MW Kahak solar power plant was signed and exchanged for 20 years to support localization between the Renewable Energy Generation Company and our company.

The basic electricity purchase rate of this contract is 4900 Rials per kilowatt hour, and in order to support the localization and construction of the equipment of renewable energy power plants in the country, the electricity purchase rate from this power plant will be increased up to 30%.

Taking into account the incentive percentage of domestic construction, the basic rate of purchasing electricity for this part of the project will increase to 6370 Rials. Government support for the development of renewable energy in the country, an acceptable rate of energy purchase and 100% collection of receivables, are the salient features of this project at the level of Saman project-oriented company.

Kahak Solar Power Plant is an important and environmentally friendly industrial project that will be operated as the first solar project of Saman Project-oriented Company with the participation of Renewable Energy Production Company and Saman Project-oriented Company in the first half of this year. The groundbreaking ceremony of this power plant was held on March 13, 1995 in the presence of Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchian.